How do I change the "Default View" label of the dropdown filter and search field?

UPDATE 12-2016: The label has been moved when compared to older versions. You can change the label by following these steps:

To change the "Default View" label on the filter dropdown:

Navigate to the following file in the plugin file:

mapifypro-master > templates > map.html.php

You can do a search for 'Default View' without the quotes and find 2 instances (on lines 39 and 98).  One is for the dropdown and the other is for the interactive list beneath the map.

Screenshots for reference:

To change the Search label:

On line 162, you'll find the following code:

    <input type="text" name="mpfy_search" class="mpfy_search" value="" placeholder="Enter city or zip code" />

-Simply change the "Enter city or zip code" to change the default message that appears within the search field.



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    Josh Sears

    MapifyPro now also supports WPML:

    By using WPML you can automatically change the language of any aspect of MapifyPro.

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    I want to change Default View on the map to Search By Type, but the file called "map.php" in the templates folder of the plugin doesn't have a line 173 to edit. Where should I be looking?

    - Matt

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    Josh Sears

    We have updated the FAQ to reflect the new location for this. I've also responded to your ticket for the same topic. Thanks for pinpointing the issue!

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    Rana Babaoğlu

    Hi Josh,

    a before purchase question:

    i am from Turkey. My site default language will be Turkish, second language will be English. i want to use mopify pro and pretty routes with both languages for a single site. i hope it is possible?

    is there any documentation to read including wpml & mopify in use.

    thank you.

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