I Can't Activate MapifyPro's API Key

MapifyPro version 3.0 and above requires an API key to activate, which is issued to you upon purchase, and can be found under the API KEYS tab. Please consult the documentation on the proper method to activate your product.

Common issues:

-I receive a "Invalid API" or other error when trying to activate: The most likely cause of this issue is site caching. Hosting plans that are "WordPress Optimized" tend to include a forced caching that is intended to make your site faster. Unfortunately what this also does is prevent the site from behaving in a more "real time" scenario, and can cause this issue.

To address caching and overcome this issue, try the following:

1. Delete your cache

2. Go to the "API Deactivation" Tab and ensure the checkbox you find there is NOT selected (this is a glitch that sometimes occurs)

3. If it is selected, deselect it, and save. You may have to delete your cache before this step as well. After saving, delete your cache again.

4. Enter your API KEY and EMAIL as prompted

5. Save

The above method should solve the caching issue and allow you to activate the plugin.

-Nope, still not working: Are you on a local machine or have a security plugin preventing your site from communicating with our servers? In general, this error is due to the plugin not being able to validate because it is being blocked in one way or the other, so consider this when activating.


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