How do I Force Directions to a Specific Address?

This is a new feature as of version 2.4.8 of MapifyPro. It allows you to enter a specific address (using a Google address url) to provide directions to a specific location that may be different than that supplied by Google's geolocation coordinates. This is useful in the following instances:

-If your location does not have a physical address, IE if it is off road, on a mountain, etc. and you want to provide directions to the nearest hotel or other location.

-If Google is not providing adequate default directions by their coordinates.

To do so, you'll find this setting in the MapifyPro > Map Locations > [specific location]. Naviagte to the lower portion of that page, and you'll see the following field:

To Generate Address URL:

It's very easy, simply add the following URL before your address, and format it exactly as shown below. Google will handle the rest: Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, District of Columbia, 20003

Now, when a visitor clicks the directions button (either in the tooltip or in the pop-up) they will be taken to this address where they can then get directions. Yay!


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    César Molina

    Very good contribution. It has helped me to give indications to the following point:º 44 '49 .825 "N 3º 3 '48.373" W

    But is there a way to do the same in locating the location mark?

    "Location (Enter address and hit enter/return to locate)

    Locate Address on the map: "

    I need to put the mark just in those coordinates:º 44 '49 .825 "N 3º 3 '48.373" W

    There is some way to do it?

    Thank you very much.

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