Geocode error: I can't plot a specific address

Since MapifyPro 3.0 and above, our maps work a bit differently from Google Maps. We've had reports of some customers struggling to locate certain addresses on the map when creating locations, or when using the batch uploader. Here is a tip that will address the issue:

In many cases, the location will be found using any address. However if you receive the "Geocode error: Cannot locate address" message, try this:

1. Simplify the address you are entering, in addition to spelling out abbreviations and using commas to separate. For example:

-Instead of: 345 CreekRidge Rd. Apt# 31, Dayton, OH. 45150

-Enter: 345 Creekridge Road, Dayton, Ohio 45150

2. In some cases, removing the zip code can also fix this issue, in addition to only using commas to separate street, city, and state. Additionally, you may :

-345 Creekridge Road, Dayton, Ohio 

(Note that this isn't a real address and will produce the same error, but shown as an example on how to format your addresses).

Use the above format (specifically option 1) for all addresses and you will be good to go while adding locations one at a time or in the bulk uploader. 


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