SOLVED: Issue adding Map Location to a Map in WordPress 5.5

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  • Kelly Murphy
    Kelly Murphy

    We are still getting this exact same issue right now. It has been impacting our LIVE site for over a month. Initially, Zak on your support said it was not your plugin but an issue on our end (when there absolutely was). Then after multiple pushbacks, he said it was an issue with Divi or a server setting ---- we were able to add 70+ locations without issue previously with Divi on both LiquidWeb and Cloudflare.

    NOW, I see this post! It is/was your plugin all along. This is impacting and we are not able to add any new locations to our maps..... making us search for a new location search provider/plugin. I have sent multiple emails and your team has not resolved this issue. We are using MapifyPro version 3.3.3 - Wordpress Version 5.5.3.

    We need this resolved now, please. I am the developer for Please email me or via the client. Please respond. Please help. This is beyond frustrating.

    See - Mapify Support Request #8806


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